Home Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

We are the residential air conditioning experts and have grown to become one of the most sought after cooling companies in the state. We pride ourselves on our expertise, which is why we do not just sell air conditioners; we provide informed advice, offer suggestions and assist you in choosing the best solution for your home.

The difference with us is that we are meticulous when it comes to the details of designing and installing your domestic air conditioning unit to ensure optimal performance. In doing so, we can also guarantee that by using the latest technology and integrated systems; you will experience comfortable conditions consistently, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

We pride ourselves on using only the best, trusted brands in the industry because that is how we know that we are providing you with a premium product. Besides a high-quality unit, we only use top-quality materials and tools to install the system in your home. Working neatly, our teams carefully ensure that no mess is left behind and nothing in your home is damaged.

All systems are fully evacuated prior to commissioning, assuring you and ourselves of no leaks, and that the unit will operate at its optimum performance. Our support team is readily available to fix any manufacturing faults you may have encountered with your residential air conditioning system. We will repair any problem promptly so you can get back to being cool as quickly as possible, without having to deal with the manufacturer.

We supply and install two types of air conditioning systems; split and ducted.

Split Air Conditioning

One of the most common forms of air cooling is the split system. This conventional air conditioner works by having a condensing unit fixed outside the property that ‘exchanges’ the air with the evaporative unit, which is fixed on the inside of the property. Depending on your requirements and home structure, we will select the best-sized unit for your property. Our brand of choice for this type of system is Panasonic as it reliable, cost effective, spare parts are readily available, and the support is exceptional. We also have access to other brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Fujitsu.

Ducted Air Conditioning

The central ducted cooling system has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and affordability. We will undertake a Heat Load Calculation, either from your house plans or from a survey visit, to determine the best capacity unit for your requirements. This system allows you to cool or heat a large section of a commercial property or an entire home at once, or you can divide the property into different zones, allowing you to operate each section individually.

Air Conditioning Repair

You can rely on our team to fix your air conditioning system properly and efficiently. Whether it is a regular maintenance check, or a breakdown, we are centrally located to attend to your requirements. Our technicians are provided with fully equipped service vehicles and are all wholly qualified to diagnose and repair your system.

To get an obligation-free quote for your home air conditioning system, contact the team at Cool Technology.