Keep Your Goods Fresh With A Boat Or Yacht Fridge

A lot can happen between point A and point B, particularly where your perishables and temperature sensitive cargo are concerned. There is now no need to fear disappointing your clients or enduring the loss of perishable food stuffs on lengthy journeys. Cool Technology’s quality marine refrigeration solutions can give you much needed peace of mind by keeping fresh contents on your boat in good condition. Contact us today for a host of reliable marine refrigeration solutions.

We’re Flexible

All our clients operating commercial vessels can look forward to marine refrigeration systems that are custom designed, built and installed. Our engineers will take the time to understand your specific requirements, noting the most efficient way forward and providing a durable, effective and affordable solution. We supply both water cooled and air cooled systems.

A testament to the broadness of our range is our ability to satisfy the needs of commercial, industrial and residential clients. Recreational boat owners can look forward to a range of eutectic and direct expansion systems available.

Quality Solutions You Can Count On

We take great pride in delivering on our promises, and meeting or exceeding your expectations. Central to our service offering is genuine customer care which is why we will look after any warranty process and not leave you to chase up manufacturers. The stock of refrigerators we keep are of the highest quality; each model and part is designed for energy efficiency through excellent design and high-quality manufacture. This means less energy is required for the equipment to function, saving you money in the long run.

Isotherm Dealers

As WA’s designated distributors, we also supply the world-renowned Isotherm refrigerators which are available in either AC or DC, depending on your requirements. Speak to us today to find out more.