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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth

Residential Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installations & Repair

At Cool Technology, we pride ourselves on providing the ideal cooling solution for your home. We understand that living in Western Australia comes with blazing heat in summer and cool temperatures in winter. We are experts when it comes to designing, supplying, installing, repairing and servicing air conditioners – it is safe to say, we have all bases covered. We will determine how to size your unit by completing a Heat Load Calculation based on your house plans on a survey visit.

Ducted air conditioning has become one of the most popular air conditioning systems in Perth. The unit is comprised of a ducted refrigerated system that allows you to choose different temperatures all year round. Perth homeowners love the ducted reverse cycle air conditioner because it keeps them comfortable by producing cool air in the summer months and warm air in winter months.


Our skilled and experienced team of air conditioner installers work efficiently and neatly to ensure you house is spotless when we leave and that the air conditioner is in perfect operation. We have a variety of trusted brands available and all these air conditioning systems allow you to control the temperature in your home even though we’ve installed the unit in a restricted area and not on any of your interior walls. The ducts run through your ceiling to corresponding outlets in various areas of your home, allowing you to control the temperature in different areas of your home at the same time.


The ducted reverse cycle air conditioner works with the help of a compressor unit, which is installed in a low-traffic area, as explained above. This component pumps refrigerated air into the ducting and of course into your home.


Reverse ducted air conditioners are a perfect temperature control solution for home and work areas. Since the main unit is hidden, your home with still feel like your home and you will be comfortable in an environment that you control without having to stare into a machine mounted against your wall.

Besides the fact that it is the tidiest air conditioner around, and that you have full control of temperatures in various areas of your home, you will notice that with the new technology on the market, the quality of the air you breathe drastically improves. The air conditioners we recommend and supply are designed to save you money on your electricity bill by using power more efficiently than regular cooling systems. We also use quality flexible ducting and components manufactured by ‘Airstream Components’. This iZone controller is very popular as it is user friendly and has Wi-Fi capabilities.

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