Air Conditioning Repairs Perth

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

As a well-established company operating in the air conditioning industry, we provide everything you need when it comes to cooling systems. We specialise in the supply, design and installation of air conditioner and refrigeration units, as well as repairs and maintenance work. We have a 24/7 support service for our contracted clients in Perth. This support includes all air conditioning repairs, refrigeration repairs, marine cooling system breakdowns. This service is of particular value to ships that are not in port for long periods and require prompt services or repairs.

Each of us expects a lot from our air conditioners and as soon as it breaks down, we feel lost, and hot. That is why at Cool Technology, we aim to provide a quick and apt repair service. We are also here to save you money; should you experience any issues with your unit, check out some of our trouble shooting advice. Otherwise, there is always an option to call us – the air conditioning experts.

Air conditioner won’t turn on

The first thing you should check is the circuit breaker of your home and outside close to the unit as this controls the power. If there was a trip, perhaps try to figure out what triggered it, if you flip the switch and it trips again then you should contact an electrician to assess and fix the problem.

However, if it is not the circuit breaker then it’s definitely the air conditioning unit itself. Check the thermostat because if that is faulty, it can incapacitate the entire system. The thermostat controls your entire unit and it is imperative that you contact us to repair it correctly. An attempt to fix it yourself could cause permanent damage to the system.

If you have a split system and there is unwarranted shrubbery growing around your unit outside, it probably contributes to a faulty system. Whether its grass, leaves or usual outdoor debris, it should be cleaned away before it gets sucked into the vent of your air conditioning unit. If this has happened, simply contact us for a service and we will clean out the system.

When the system is on, the noise is loud

Air conditioners do make a slight noise, and after a few minutes of it being on, you would have become accustomed to it. If the noise is excessively loud or there is a rattling/vibration sound then something may have gone wrong during the installation process. In this case, you need to contact a trusted expert to repair the problem.

Air conditioner is on and running, but no cool air comes out

If you feel the air is not cold, then it could be a problem with your condenser coil, which is the component responsible for producing cold air, or a low refrigerant level. Either way, this is something for the professionals to fix.

For more information regarding our air conditioning repairs, contact us.