Reliable Marine Refrigeration Repairs

Installation, maintenance & repairs

Cool Technology is committed to providing comprehensive marine refrigeration services that ensures that you will get the most out of your equipment. Our in-depth experience has been built up over more than ten years with an aim to give you more than a once-off purchase. Contact us today to find out about our full selection of marine refrigeration services.

The role of maintenance and repair is a very important one. Catching any signs of malfunction early can save you from purchasing a new refrigerator. Our engineers are equipped with the skill and know-how to repair most systems and give you a few more years with your air con. You can rely on them for fast, efficient service. From basic refrigerator installation to boat fridge repairs, they are on hand to assist.

Refrigerator installation

If you have just bought a refrigerator but are struggling to wrap your head around the instructions, there is no need to worry. Any one of our technicians is keen to help, and will happily come over and get it up and running. They will also make sure that it is working at optimum efficiency from the word go.

Refrigeration maintenance

Occasionally, you might experience a lapse in efficiency or general breakdown which is a natural by-product of wear and tear. Ensuring that your unit gets regular attention from qualified technicians will help reduce this frequency and ensure that your unit runs at optimal efficiency.

Refrigerator repairs

When your equipment stops functioning, your best bet at getting it up and running in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle, is to contact us. Enquire with us today.